Scope of Digital Marketing and Career Growth

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Career Growth in Digital Marketing

In today’s highly competitive environment, the key to an in-demand profession lies in the field of digital marketing. Digital marketing has a broad scope as promoting and branding business through digital media is becoming a fast and reliable mode of marketing to target its mass audience. Brands are slowly recognizing the importance of digital marketing and are focusing on the same. Digital marketing skills are in a serious demand and have widened its scope in the market. Once you choose a career in digital marketing, high pay and multiple career choices follow.

The rise of Digital Marketing institutes across the country is a testament to the fact that this field has endless opportunities. This is a positive for students seeking guidance to shape their career in digital marketing.
Let’s now take a look at the scope in Digital Marketing

Scope in Digital Marketing

Statistics show that the digital marketing industry is booming globally and is known to offer jobs starting from Rs.8 lakhs onwards. It was witnessed that, India’s largest job portal, announced and advertising for as many as 13000 job opportunities for digital marketing professionals through its portal in 2018. The USA is known to have generated 49000 qualitative digital marketing jobs in 2017. However, it is seen that 91% of top employees consider digital marketing certifications as a top hiring criteria, while 48% are willing to offer a high salary to certified candidates.

India’s current Prime Minister openly supports and encourages the use of digital. Which is what led him to come up with the idea of ‘Digital India’. It acts as a promotional campaign for digital marketing resulting in many job opportunities for the youth.

Advantages of a Digital Marketing Career

As a career option, digital marketing also offers a host of advantages. Here are some of the advantages of choosing digital marketing as a career option:

Massive Job Opportunity:

For brands and businesses to succeed online, being reliable, eco-friendly, reachable, influential is the key. As more and more organizations are joining the band-wagon, the job opportunities in digital marketing are on the rise. Unlike other sectors, this industry is an all-season field.


Digital marketing industry is known to have a quite flexible culture. With innumerable skills and tools, empiricism holds a big portion and that pushes one towards becoming a next-level marketer. There are many sub-branches within digital marketing such as SEO Analyst, Social Media Marketing Executive, ORM (Online Reputation Management) Executive etc. And so is the remuneration that follows with it.

High-Paying Profile:

Digital Marketing is known to be one of the highest paying job profiles. According to Google, the average salary of the digital marketing manager is $95,415 and in India Rs.447.

Digital Marketing Certification:

More than 60% professionals consider that having a Digital Marketing certificate will land you a job. Therefore it is ideal to get yourself enrolled in a digital marketing institute to get certified and grasp marketing tools and techniques of experts.




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